Veggetti Asian Style Noodles

Guys, it is time for some healthy noodle-making!

First time when I discovered Veggetti (spiral slicer) in my local Macys, I felt fascinated with the idea of having it and later on this little gadget sort of started haunting me in all the stores I visited. As we know gluten-free pasta/noodle alternative is a popular market trend right now. So, after all the thinking I finally decided to bring this gorgeous baby home. It retails for $14.99 in most departmental stores. Here are pictures of Veggetti in its original packaging:

Veggetti 1

Veggetti 3

Whats included in the package?
1. A double sided funnel gadget with thick and thin size blades
2. A safety holder
3. A thin booklet with instructions and recipes.

Veggetti Spiral Machine 1

This is how the gadget (or machine) blade looks like!
Veggetti Spiral Machine 2

I used the thicker blade size for my Veggetti noodles and the vegetables I chose were tri-colored carrots (orange, pale yellow, purple) and zucchini.

Veggies for Noodles

Veggetti Noodles:
Veggetti Noodles

This miracle gadget is great for people who are on raw, vegan, or gluten-free, low-calorie, low-carb or weight loss diet plans.

One Drawback:
For me it was little scary to swirl up the vegetable inside the funnel, so in the end I was left with an inch of leftover vegetable.

My Final Verdict:
The claim is right! This gadget works well. Moreover, the price is affordable and it requires very little space for storage.

Now, let me share my recipe! As usual it is simple to make!
Asian Style Veggetti Noodles 2

1 large size zucchini
1 purple carrot
1 pale-yellow carrot
1 orange carrot
1/2 red bell pepper (thinly julienne cuts)
1 green scallion (thinly chopped)
2-3 garlic cloves (thinly sliced)
Fresh fresh rosemary leaves (chopped)
Few fresh Thai basil leaves (chopped)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of Asian sweet rice vinegar
Salt and crushed pepper (to taste)

Asian Style Veggetti Noodles 1

1. Heat up a pan. Take olive oil and add garlic, veggetti noodles, red bell peppers, green scallions, rosemary, and Thai basil leaves. Saute on high heat.
2. Now add little salt, pepper, soy-sauce, rice vinegar.
3. Top it with more chopped herbs or green scallion. Serve.

Asian Style Veggetti Noodles 3

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  1. What a healthy recipe! Now to search for a spiral slicer here in India.

    1. Aanal says:

      Yes Aruna! It is a very useful tool! Nowadays lot of spiral tools are coming up!

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