My Toddler’s Book Nook – Design Project (Part 1)

Playroom and reading areas are essential part of growing up for little ones. My son Rishabh is turning 18 months old in two days so at this stage he speaks little words like mamma, daddy, nani, nana, mama, dada, dadi, baby, peas, car, ishh…. (meaning fish), bea…(meaning bear), pea….(meaning pear)…. and the list goes on. He loves to spend time with his toys and his favorite books. Whenever he wants something he acts with sign gestures as if he is playing dumbsherads with me… toddlers communicate in various ways and I must say 90% times us parents get it right and other 10% we keep guessing. It is a learning process for both kids and the parents.

To make this new stage more fun and exciting I have decided to design his play area and a special reading nook for him. Our two storied house has given me a new idea. I am planning to design a toy room/area on the 1st floor and his reading nook on the 2nd floor. This will enable him to enjoy his toys and play zone whenever I’m working downstairs and cooking in my kitchen and an hour or so he will be able to spend time with books upstairs before his nap time in afternoon or his bedtime. At this early age, I want him start exploring the world of knowledge through books and his playtime toys, as it is all about introducing right things at right age. So few months back we got his chalkboard/dry erase board easel from a nearby Ikea store. I have started teaching him alphabets along with drawing objects. Visual art can be beneficial for learning new things.

So for my son Rishabh’s Book Nook design project, I will be posting series of blogposts with my design ideas and the complete process itself.

My overall design ideas:

1. Finding unique and functional furniture pieces along with some colorful artwork.
2. Keeping it simple and safe for him.
3. Making it fun and exciting.

Yesterday my husband and I visited a new furniture store ‘Good Wood Furniture’ located in Hampton, VA. We saw great reviews online and thought to check it out ourselves. I always wanted a nice bookshelf for his board-books but I never saw anything unique, so I had kept all his books in a basket. So when I was checking out unique furniture pieces in the store, I saw this Boat bookshelf unit and instantly told my husband oh we have to get it for Rishabh. We also got a Boston style rocking chair for him (low height), a three (bread – onions – potatoes) shelf unit for my kitchen, and a polished coat hanging stand. Out of the four furniture pieces three of them has unpolished wood and we are planning to polish them very soon. I will post after polish pictures soon. In the furniture store Rishabh insisted on making him sit on his rocking chair and I felt it was of right height for him.

Here is my favorite learning/reading (books) nook idea! I may add a little area rug and a colorful signage which I am planning to design myself.

Furniture Finds for Toddler’s Reading Area

Boat Bookshelf with Two Side Paddles

Boat Bookshelf Unit
Boat Bookshelf 2

Rocking Chair (Lower height for Kids)

Toddler’s reading chair

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