Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

Hello everyone,

Recently, my little one turned two years old. Yes two whole years passed with this munchkin and I swear I have enjoyed every bit of it with this little energy buster. He is super active and loves his toys. My husband and I recently celebrated his 2nd birthday with our family and friends. Here are some pictures with some party planning ideas.

We reserved all the three beautiful courtyards at Sandy Bottom Nature Park. It was a hot summer day but all the trees in the nature park made it possible to have a outdoor party without any problems. It was cool, breezy, and comfortable under the trees. Also the fun thing about the venue was that the Children’s play area was next to the venue. The Children’s play area had slides, swings for both toddlers and big kids, and some bouncing rides. Everything went smoothly on the party day and our guests loved the location and the overall birthday party was a hit.

Children’s Play Park

After thinking a lot we decided to have a Mickey Mouse Themed birthday party as he loves Mickey mouse and also his favorite nursery rhyme is Wheels on the bus go round and round. So I decided to make a Bus Photobooth with his favorite Mickey and friends. It took me more than 20 hours to design, color, decorate this bus photobooth.

My husband with our birthday boy

We had three courtyards so we decided to use
Courtyard 3: Party decor table with cake, favors, and the opposite table for his gifts.
Courtyard 2: Guests to sit and eat
Courtyard 1: Serving Party Food


The Mickey themed party would be surely incomplete without a Mickey inspired tiered cake. So I got some lovely designs from the internet and asked one of the very lovely home baker to bake the cake. I asked first and last tiers to be strawberry cake with cream cheese and fresh mangoes in between the layers. The middle tier was chocolate cake with fresh strawberries. It was a butter cream cake with fondant decorations. The cake was moist and yummy for sure.

Party Suggestion: I choose home bakers or local shop bakers over big boxed chain grocery stores. The reason is simple, the cake is more personalized and the flavors come out perfectly. You can directly communicate with the bakers for design, colors, and flavors. Also, this is a great way one can support small local businesses.

Party favors:
After looking at several stores and online websites I found lovely divided lunch plates and color coordinated glasses from Target which perfectly matched our outdoor party theme. They were BPA free and had vibrant colors.
Mickey and his friends stickers were available at Walmart.
The bigger cellophane bags (to pack lunch plates) were from Amazon.com and and the small ones (to pack glasses) were from Party City store.
The candies were from BJs store.

These were the finished party favors. I made total 34 of them.

Party Menu:

Most food was catered from an Indian Caterer who had also catered food for my son’s first birthday. The communication is key for any catering service and I must admit this one is a tough one for most hosts as the number of guests keeps changing until the actual party.

Indian Food:
Khasta kachoris with green and tamarind chutneys
Pau (burger) and Bhaji
Dahi vadas
Gulab Jambuns
Yogurt Raita

I made two of my favorite dishes
Mexican Corn Salad

Israeli Couscous Salad

Also we ordered large size Cheese and Veggie Pizzas from a local pizzeria.

For the kids we also had donuts, candies, lollipops.

Drinks: It was a hot summer day so we have ample of drinks to stay hydrated. We had water bottles, soft drinks like soda and organic lemonade. Also we got organic Honest juices for all the kids.

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