Indian Rose Flavored ‘Gola’ (Snow Cone)

There are days when you miss your childhood the most. You feel like you want to go back to those sweet memories and today is a similar day for me.

I have a fond memory of visiting my maternal grandparents’ place every summer vacation. Every evening I use to visit the special ‘gola stands’ (snow-cone stands) with my grandparents, my family, and cousins. In India the frozen snow-cone is known as ‘gola’ and it is finely crushed ice pressed; formed into a huge tennis size ball and poked with a wooden stick for you to hold the gola. Then you are allowed to chose your favorite syrup on top. My favorite flavors use to be thick and luscious rose syrup with tangy orange or raw mango syrup. Oh those were the days!!

Even now whenever I visit my home-town in India, I surely visit my favorite gola stands. Infact they have started making syrups from fresh summer fruits. The gola places feels so lively at night and it feels more like a social gathering, as everyone visits those gola stands with their family and friends and enjoy together!

Indian Rose Gola 1

Today, as a summer treat I prepared a similar kind of snow-cone but it is not on a stick. I served it in a cute white bowl, so that the deep reddish pink color of rose syrup can shine out. I also added lemon juice and a pinch of salt (or chaat masala) to cut down the sweetness of the syrup. The rose syrups are easily available in Indian grocery store.

This is the one I have in my kitchen,
Indian Rose Syrup

I used Blendtec’s Ice Crush mode and within 1/2 minute got the best crushed ice. I am so fond of this blender!
Indian Rose Gola

1 cup Ice cubes
2-3 tablespoons of Rose Syrup (Indian Grocery Store)
1 tablespoons Lemon Juice
A pinch of salt (or chaat masala)
Mint leaves to garnish

1. Add ice cubes, lemon juice, and salt in Blendtec (or any other blender) and use ‘Ice Crush’ mode.
2. Now take the crushed ice mixture in a serving bowl.
3. Add rose syrup (or your favorite flavored syrup)
4. Garnish with mint leaves.
5. Enjoy it on a bright sunny summer day.

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