Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

Hello everyone, Recently, my little one turned two years old. Yes two whole years passed with this munchkin and I swear I have enjoyed every bit of it with this little energy buster. He is super active and loves his toys. My husband and I recently celebrated his 2nd birthday with our family and friends….

Theme Party For Travel Buffs

Last Sunday I had organized a theme party for “Travel Buffs” and I invited a group of friends over. For this event I reserved our community clubhouse which has a perfect contemporary setting. The exclusive theme was for my friends who enjoy travelling and food from all around the globe. Most of the recipes were…

Summer Inspired Table Setting

I love having colors around me, as they make me feel a lot better about my life as a whole. Seriously, if you are having bad mood then just punch in some bright colors in your life, maybe in the form of a colorful salad or colorful makeup look or by just adding colorful accents…

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mini Tarts

I baked this heavenly tart for my husband on Valentine’s day and I am extremely proud to say that it turned out to be the most gorgeous dessert I have ever made. This was a part of my special V-day dinner menu along with heart shaped Italian pasta with homemade marinara sauce as an entrĂ©e….