Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party

Hello everyone, Recently, my little one turned two years old. Yes two whole years passed with this munchkin and I swear I have enjoyed every bit of it with this little energy buster. He is super active and loves his toys. My husband and I recently celebrated his 2nd birthday with our family and friends….

My Toddler’s Book Nook – Design Project (Part 1)

Playroom and reading areas are essential part of growing up for little ones. My son Rishabh is turning 18 months old in two days so at this stage he speaks little words like mamma, daddy, nani, nana, mama, dada, dadi, baby, peas, car, ishh…. (meaning fish), bea…(meaning bear), pea….(meaning pear)…. and the list goes on….

Theme Party For Travel Buffs

Last Sunday I had organized a theme party for “Travel Buffs” and I invited a group of friends over. For this event I reserved our community clubhouse which has a perfect contemporary setting. The exclusive theme was for my friends who enjoy travelling and food from all around the globe. Most of the recipes were…


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