Welcome to Garnish Lifestyle, a website devoted to International vegetarian recipes, travel experiences, D.I.Y/crafts, gardening, and Garnish best finds, giveaways! Garnish Lifestyle means an enthusiastic and a fun way of living life.


    Author’s Bio:
    I’m Aanal Shah Vora, architectural/urban designer, planner, blogger, foodie, frequent traveler, photography enthusiast, daughter, wife, sister, friend, and who cherishes every act of life.

    As an Indian, I am raised as a Lacto-vegetarian. Four things are extremely important to me: my profession, family life, regular workouts, and a healthy lifestyle. My role model is my mother who taught me ways to balance professional and personal life. She is a doctor and a creative genius. Thanks mom for teaching me that having hobbies can be such a bliss.

    During my childhood, my parents and my brother use to persistently encourage my cooking. I use to try in the kitchen, under strict supervision of our cook at home. Reading various recipes and trying them at home was so much fun. I began with boiling water, preparing tea, and making noodles. Now, I have come a long way with my cooking. Thank god, my husband keeps the same tradition going on for me. His super foodie nature and my thirst to master various cuisines keeps me on my toes even after work. Really after a long at work, pursuing hobbies make me feel relaxed and keeps me rejuvenated. Believe me, its a great stress relieving technique.

    In similar ways, this blog is a reflection of my daily routine. Furthermore, I will share some of my favorite recipes (vegetarian), gardening tips, interior designing options for your home, and my travel experiences.

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  1. Thank you for stopping my blog. It helped me discover yours. 🙂

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